How to create a Cinderella themed wedding

Every bride wants to feel like a princess, so here are my top ideas to create the perfect Cinderella themed wedding.

Fairytale invites

You can buy fairytale invites, like these ones (pictured) from Zazzle. If you choose this option, the theme won’t be a surprise for your guests, so it’s up to you. There’s loads of other themed wedding invites out there, so shop around and find the ones you love most. You might even be able to find some that mimic a scroll.


White horse and carriage

You’ll be the belle of the ball when you arrive in a carriage driven by white horses, complete with feathers of course.

This option usually costs the same as hiring a vintage car. It’s an added bonus for the guests who will have the opportunity to pet the horses.

Cinderella themed wedding with white horses and a carriage

Image courtesy of


Buy yourself some Cinderella glass slippers

Say I Do in Choo

If you really wanted to treat yourself, you can say I Do in Choo. These Cinderella-inspired slippers won’t come cheap, but they’re absolutely stunning.



Buy a ‘Cinderella’ wedding dress from Alfred Angelo.

Alfred Angelo recently released a collection of wedding dresses inspired by all the Disney princesses. And not just the main ones. He even covers Mulan, Pocahontas and Tiana.

He has a whole variety of ‘Cinderella’ styles to choose from, though they are mostly princess/ballgown style.

Light  blue and white theme

When we think of Cinderella, we picture her in that light blue ballgown from the end of the film. Make this the theme of your whole wedding by incorporating it into the table decorations and the cake. You could even buy some jewellery, such as earrings, that feature blue diamonds. Take a look on Pinterest for more ideas.

Get married in a castle

If your budget stretches this far, you can get married in a castle such as this one. This is Peckforton Castle based in Cheshire, and would complete your Cinderella themed wedding.


Would you want a big, princess-themed wedding, or more personal and intimate? Let me know in the comments!

National Blood Week: Giving blood for a great cause

It’s National Blood Week!

Blood definitely isn’t the sexiest topic out there, however it is an important one. With this week being National Blood Week, I thought I’d try and convince people to go online at and register today to help save someone’s life.

You can give blood in your lunch break, it’s that quick and easy. My experience wasn’t the best, but I would still like to be able to help people in need, even if it does mean sitting with a large needle in my arm for 8 minutes.

As I said, my experience wasn’t the easiest. That’s partly because I’ve had low blood pressure my whole life, so losing a pint of the stuff was never going to end well. I didn’t actually faint, but I think I was close to it.

It didn’t help that it was a hot day, and it DEFINITELY didn’t help that I had recently cut out a lot of sugar from my diet. So combine low blood sugar (probably) with low blood pressure, and it’s not surprising I felt a bit faint.

4 months later, I feel ready to do it again. Now that I know what happened last time (blackness, feeling dizzy, feeling hot, ringing in my ears), I can tell a nurse in advance, so they can be more aware of the situation. They’ll also let me lie down for a lot longer to allow my blood pressure to rise again. Most people can get straight up and walk out without feeling any different, but of course, not me.

They do provide hot drinks (which, after nearly fainting, I wasn’t allowed. It drops your blood pressure, apparently, who knew?!) and plenty of biscuits (which I couldn’t have due to cutting out sugar). I had some crisps instead and some orange squash.

There are lots of donor centres around, so just do your research.

My nearest one is at Chester Racecourse, not even a 10 minute drive from my house. However, it is advisable, if you have low blood pressure like me, that you get someone else to go with you who will be safe to drive home afterwards. I’m sure it’s nigh on impossible to faint when sat down, but it’s just not worth that risk. Especially because my drive home is through Chester city centre.

Appointments vary, but you can choose your specific time. If you had enough space in the day, you can also just walk in without an appointment, though there might be a queue. You can register online and then book an appointment immediately after registering.


How we got our free fireplace (really)

There aren’t many things that come free, so when they do you have to snap up the offer, like we did with our free fireplace.

It happened by accident: we didn’t mean to get a free fireplace, and we weren’t trying to barter the price down. It was made out of leftover and unwanted materials, paid for by other people.

Our original fireplace was in perfect working condition but a bit old-fashioned for our taste. We advertised it online as free, and someone came to pick it up. This was great, as there was no extra cost to dispose of it.

Jay chiselled out the hole for the fireplace himself. He managed to hit a water pipe that sent a stream flowing through the living room. Luckily, it was an old pipe that was no longer in use. It just hadn’t been emptied.

Our plasterers came in to do the whole of the downstairs, and also the landing. They had some leftover fireboard which they used to line the fireplace. At the moment, we have a little electric fire which doesn’t give off much heat. This was given to us for free by jay’s mum. We decided to install fireboard anyway in case we want to put in a log burner in the future. It saves ripping all the plaster off the wall and making a huge mess.

It was then all plastered and painted.

Next, was the hearth. We had some spare paving slabs from our driveway, which Jay thought to cut down and use as the base for the hearth. We wanted to buy some brick-looking tiles to put down on top of the paving slabs, but decided to wait until we could afford it.

The cable has now been run through the side of the wall, so it isn’t visible. The fire came with a remote control too, so we don’t have to turn it on manually via a side switch.

Then, as if the Gods were looking down on us, we got some free, brand new slate. A friend of ours had just had his driveway done, and had some leftover slate. He gave it to us for free. Jay then cut it down to size and cemented it in place.

free fireplace

Ignore the surrounding mess….

Voila! Our completely free fireplace.

We’re looking out for a solid wood beam to sit across as a mantelpiece to create this sort of effect:

I’d like a really chunky piece of oak, to go with the rest of our living room. That definitely won’t be free (even I would be amazed if it was) but might only cost £60-100. I’ll absolutely be getting inspiration from My Chic Living. This guest post offers three ways to style a mantelpiece. 

Have you ever got a great bargain by accident? (You can also view our eBay kitchen bargain here!)

How to have a perfect movie night…in Summer!

There’s something about a movie night that instills us with happiness, and who knows why.

There’s just something idyllic and even romantic about curling up with a good film, a fire, a blanket, a cup of tea and some popcorn.

But you can’t have all of that in summer. This weekend, temperatures are due to soar in the UK. This summer has been an odd collaboration of weather. We’ve had 3 days of glorious sunshine, followed by two weeks of cloud and rain, and then another couple of really nice days. This weekend is no different pattern, and is expected to reach around 25℃.

So how can we have the perfect movie night when the temperatures are in the 20s?

Ditch the blanket and dressing gown and get in your cotton pyjamas. Unfortunately, we can’t have a blanket movie night when it’s too warm. So ditch the blanket, and the fire, and just stick to your standard comfy PJs.

Swap the cup of tea for a glass of wine. I’ve heard that hot drinks do actually cool you down, but that’s never worked for me. Swap your hot cuppa for a cool glass of white wine.

wine movie night

Get some colder snacks. Ice cream has to be the best summer dessert. So stick the film on and get a cold almond Magnum to go with it. Of course, popcorn is still a viable option too. Maybe avoid the chocolate: it’s has the potential to be too meltable. Unfortunately for me, I’ll have to have some fruit because I’ve gone sugar-free.

Take your movie night outside. If you have a way of moving your TV or laptop outside, then absolutely do so. With the light and warm evenings due, you’ll be able to sit out until around 9.30pm before the sun sets. You could even take a blanket with you if the breeze gets a bit chilly (which mean blanket goals are still an option). If your garden looked like Kimberly’s over at Swoon Worthy, you would never want to leave!

Why I’ve Gone Sugar-Free — Not for the reasons you think

People ask me why I decided to go sugar-free, and honestly, I don’t know the answer.

One day – 26th February – I just woke up and made that decision. That means I have now been sugar-free for a huge 15 weeks, nearly four months.

I am not one of those people who won’t eat bread or ketchup because they have sugar in. When I say sugar, I mean desserts: chocolate, cakes, biscuits, etc. I think I made the decision partly because I’m getting married in April 2018, and partly to try and be healthier.

I am also not one of those people doing it to try and lose weight when I don’t need to lose anything. I’m a size 8. Yes I have body hang ups – what woman doesn’t – but I’m not trying to lose 10lb before my wedding when I know that I just don’t need to. It would probably be unhealthy to try.

So, if I’m not doing it to lose weight, why am I bothering? I wonder that myself sometimes. I don’t feel too different in myself, and when I’ve had a really bad day, I do want to reach for the vanilla cheesecake.

But going sugar-free has helped me in a lot of other ways.

I eat way more fruit. Obviously besides sugar being an additive in food, fruit is my only source of the sweet stuff. But the best part is, it’s all natural sugar. Because I can’t have biscuits in the office, I have turned to apples and bananas instead. I eat one or two apples a day, and a banana.

I’ve never been fruit’s biggest fan. It would be the last food on my list. I love veg, which is lucky otherwise I would never have had my 5-a-day in my life. But suddenly fruit has become my turn-to food after a meal. I can have a fruit bowl as a dessert at a restaurant.

My one (probably really bad) treat is strawberries and cream. I use full fat single cream. The 0%, fat-free stuff is loaded with sugar to counteract the lack of fat. The full fat cream has very little sugar in it. I rarely allow myself this treat though. Unless it’s a Friday.

It’s stopped me saying Yes to every bit of chocolate or cake offered to me at work. I don’t know what it is about office workers loving to snack. Every day it seems food is brought in, but never a pack of nuts (surprisingly). I bring in my own pack of almonds, whilst everyone else enjoys Oreos, carrot cake, chocolate bars, and a whole host of other amazing snacks.

I don’t eat when I’m not hungry. We’ve all experienced that, thinking we’re hungry when actually all we need is a drink of water. I find that now I only eat when I’m hungry. And when I do feel hungry, I eat a banana or an apple with a cup of tea. It does the job until my next meal.

A lot of the time, I don’t actually miss chocolate.

Sometimes, I eat something and think, How did I ever eat this before? Everything tastes so sickly. I had a Special K honey and almond cereal bar a couple of weeks ago, and could barely eat it.

There aren’t too many downsides. I know that some people, who go completely sugar-free, have said that they have an amazing amount of energy compared to before. That hasn’t happened to me. I suppose my blood glucose level will be at a much steadier rate compared to before, but the amount of energy I have hasn’t changed.

Christmas time with no desserts will 100% be the biggest struggle of my life (maybe more so than buying my house). When I first made this decision, I concluded that my first piece of a ‘dessert’ would be my wedding cake. What nicer way to finish off this crazy decision that would last over a year.